Nazi dictatorship, 1933-1939

In 1932, thanks to the new 8mm format, filming became popular and affordable even for the middle class. Filming also continues on the expensive 16 mm material. The Nazi regime celebrates itself with flag orgies. In the dictatorship of "beautiful appearances" contempt for human beings and anti-Semitism are also visible if you wanted to see and film it.

Berlin at the time of the 1936 Olympics in colour.
The first known three-color Kodachrome film from Berlin
Hitler at the NS-Castle Vogelsang, November 1936
Race on the Avus race track in Berlin with high-speed racing cars, 1936-1937
Hitler at the Wehrmacht Day (Army day) at the Nazi Party Rally in Nuremberg, 1937
Visit of the Italian dictator Mussolini to Berlin, September 1937 in colour.
Jewish Life and Anti-Semitism in Danzig, 1936
Driving on the Autobahn and the first handcrafted KdF-Wagen (later the VW Beetle) in colour
Holiday in Pomerania with anti-Semitic signs, 1939
Innsbruck 1938: NSDAP comrades assess the valuables of Jews who have fled
The self-confident woman beyond Nazi ideas "A German woman does not smoke, does not drink, does not wear make-up", 1938
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