German Federal Republic 1949-1960

In 1949 there were no new cameras, but new films for amateurs. Destroyed German cities are motives of US tourists. With the economic miracle, filming also became a popular hobby in the German Federal Republic. A camera is usually bought when the family is founded in order to record the children growing up. In addition to this privacy, many amateurs also record contemporary history.

Destroyed cities in western Germany Stuttgart in the early fifties in colour
The capital of West-Germany Bonn in color, chancellor Konrad Adenauer leaves the Parliament Bundestag, the only known film scene that shows Adenauer in color in the fifties
New construction of a single-family house in the suburbs, inspection of the construction site
West Berlin: Kurfürstendamm with the new Café Kranzler, 1958
Brandenburg Gate and Potsdamer Platz still without a wall, 1957
New Year's Eve celebration with sumptuous food, 1960
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