GDR 1961-1990

Filmkontor has a very large stock of film material on the Berlin Wall and the inner-German border. Both immediately after the Wall was built in August 1961 and life with the Wall up to 1989. The scenes are mostly in color and impressively show life during the division of Germany.
Very high-quality cameras, projectors and films are produced in the GDR, some of which are far superior in terms of technology to western competition. Due to an economic policy decision by the Council for Mutual Economic Aid, after 1968 the GDR was forbidden to produce its own narrow film devices. The CSSR took over. Until 1990, however, the world market leaders were the Orwo films from Wolfen. The Super 8 format did not catch on across the board in the GDR. Shooting continued on Normal 8 through 1990. The number of narrow film makers in the GDR remained at an estimated 600 at a very low level.
Filmkontor has the largest inventory of GDR amateur films in the world.

Border patrol guards at the Wall, Bernauer Strasse, Potsdamer Platz with the ruins of "Haus Vaterland"
House construction in neighborhood help
Entry into the NVA as a recruit, public oath of office in Döbeln
East Berlin Lenin monument and strolling in front of filled shop windows
East Berlin march May 1, 1972
run-down old town of Rostock, 1976
Dilapidated streets in East Berlin and Potsdam, 1989
Protest marches against the SED dictatorship in Potsdam, 1989
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