German Federal Republic, 1972-1990

Filming on Super 8 experienced a veritable boom in the 1970s. An estimated 500,000 amateurs in West Germany owned a camera and projector. The cameras and projectors became more sophisticated every year. In 1982 the industry decided to switch completely to video and the majority of amateurs are participating in this system change. Only enthusiasts and quality-conscious people remained loyal to the small film medium after 1982. Luckily, they continued filming on "real" film. Their movies are technically far superior to the video recordings of the time in every respect.

1972 Olympics, Olympic Village: Arab terrorists are holding 26 Israelis hostage, the crowd is staring, police forces “disguised” in sports suits are handing submachine guns to each other.
Party conference of the SPD, Willy Brand, federal election 1972
Night of German Reunification October 3, 1990 in front of the Reichstag (now german parliament)
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